Mobile Bar SETUP

Full-service, custom-built mobile bar setup complete with two drop-in sinks, two tool canisters, two hand-crafted cutting boards, one large cup dispenser, one large bar rail + ample storage.



Full-service, custom-built mobile bar back setup complete with one drop-in wine chilling tub, one built-in trash receptacle, one built-in recycling receptacle + ample storage.


Galvanized Horse Trough

6’ x 2’ x 2’ galvanized horse trough used for chilling soda, juice, water or beer.

Can hold up to three half barrels.


Customized menus

Personalized menus custom-made for your event. Available in leather bound book or drink sign.

See reference photos below.


Professional blender

Professional grade blender for margaritas, daiquiris and other blended cocktails.


Water Station

Custom-made water station with three water dispensers.

Includes recyclable glassware.



Your choice of angostura bitters, specialty bitters, grenadine, simple syrup, sweet vermouth, dry vermouth, pink himalayan sea salt and whole cane sugar.